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Smart Advice is located in The Kentlands - Gaithersburg, Maryland, the heart of the thriving business district servicing Maryland, Washington D.C., and Northern Virginia. Smart Advice is a unique first of its kind company that provides one-on-one advice counseling for people wanting to develop a new business, or have an existing business evaluated. Smart Advice provides one-on-one advice counseling for people who have an idea for a new business and would like professional advice on its merits before investing time and money. Smart Advice also provides evaluations and recommendations for existing businesses on their Marketing, Advertising, Sales, & Internet Strategies, as well as the Operations, including Customer Service, to help improve their chances for success.

Company History

Although Smart Advice was not formed until 2002, the Principal, Robert Auxier, found himself giving smart advice for over 30 years in the United States and Caribbean region. It was not until late 2001, that Robert decided to formally create a company that provides smart advice to those people who have good ideas and would typically turn to friends and family for advice. Robert's extensive years of building and managing businesses has sharpened his business sense, allowing him to easily pinpoint flaws and make recommendations to turn a good idea into a great one, and turn an average business into a successful one.

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