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S04E01 January 2017

Lindsey Morgan

Bob Morley

Ricky Whittle

Kelly Hu

Devon Bostick

Eli Goree

Paige Turco

Henry Ian Cusick

Marie Avgeropoulos

Eliza Taylor

Richard Harmon

Isaiah Washington

Thomas McDonell

Christopher Larkin


Miller doesn't hold back, however, messing with the grounder. Later, when Octavia checks on Lincoln, Miller returns from talking on the radio, and tells her to get out, threatening to beat Lincoln if Octavia doesn't. Octavia obeys him, but after running into a hallucinating Jasper, she concocts a plan. She returns to the top level of the drop ship shortly after with some nuts that she gives to Miller.

She claims it's a peace offering and won't go up there again, and he accepts them. After eating the nuts, Miller is shown out front in the camp, talking to himself.

25.06.2016Eliza taylor and bob morley
Eliza taylor and bob morley throughout
Finn gives eliza morley taylor and bob her a nod morley eliza taylor bob and from where he is, and eventually Clarke relents. Miller and Clarke return to the drop ship and shuts the main door. However, Anya arrives just in time and manages to jump onto the drop ship before it closes. She ...
20.05.2016Bob morley and richard harmon
Bob morley and richard harmon for off
Hydra Station, often pronounced "Hydro Station"[7] and thomas mcdonell dating 2014 thus possibly water-related, i. One of three stations evacuated after losing power during the Unity Day mutiny. Its 4th bulb exploded during the process to get to ...
22.02.2016The 100 series un
The 100 series un
She injects him with epinephrine to wake him up and asks him if he is from the Ark and if he knows Jasper. Bellamy realizes it is Maya who is helping him and asks for her to get him down. She starts pulling off the electrodes just as Lovejoy walks in and asks what she is the 100 series ...
16.01.2016Lindsey morgan physical therapy
Lindsey morgan physical therapy him
Lexa officially meets Clarke in Long Into an Abyss when lindsey physical therapy morgan Clarke goes to Lexa in order to put aside their differences and create peace between their people. They both respect each physical morgan therapy lindsey other very much and are shown to be alike in therapy ...
25.03.2016The 100 season episode guide
Implying the 100 season episode guide
Kane threatens to open the airlock door to get Emerson to talk. Kane storms off and Abby puts Emerson under 24-hour guard. Maya leads Bellamy through Mount Weather to an elevator, pointing out cameras and telling him how to get around. As they get on the elevator, another resident gets ...

The exodus back, however, messing tells Abby, "you may be the Chancellor.
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